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Create a library

Create a library using the Explorer window. Then copy a table into the library.

  1. In the Explorer window, display the active libraries. Then, in Active Libraries, select File then New.
  2. In the New Library window, type Mylib in the Name box and leave the Default engine selected. Select Enable at startup so that the library is created each time you start SAS.

To view available engines, click the Engine drop-down arrow. However, be sure to leave Default selected.

  1. Type the path (a directory or other storage location, as appropriate) for the library. Alternatively, click Browse, if available, and then open—not merely select—a location to use for this library. Verify that the path specified in the Folder field is correct. Then click OK to confirm the path.
  2. Click OK to assign the library. Mylib appears in the Active Libraries list.
  3. If the Explorer window contains only one pane, activate the Explorer window and select View then Show Tree. The Explorer window now contains two panes.

    You can resize the Explorer window by dragging the edge of the window. You can resize the left and right panes by clicking and dragging the split bar between the two panes. In the z/OS and CMS environments, click the window border or split bar; then click the desired location.

  1. In the left pane, single-click the Sashelp library so that the library’s contents appear in the right pane. Scroll to the icon for the Prdsale data set.
  2. Click the Prdsale table. To copy the table to your Mylib library, drag and drop it onto Mylib in the left pane. (Alternatively, you can select Copy from the pop-up menu for Prdsale. Then select Paste from the pop-up menu for Mylib.)
  3. Open Mylib and confirm that the data set was copied.


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