Question 1 :

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SAS Quiz Question 1 :

Here is a dataset of answers to 5 questions from customer survey.
Only A,B,C,D, and E are valid values for the answers.

data qest;
     input cusmid $ (answ1 – answ5) ($1. +1);
001 A D C A B
002 b A C A D
003 C C D F B
004 S C B E B
005 E A C E e
006 B a c e B
007 N A D A C
008 A S W B B
009 D A E E B
010 Z B V F B

a. Convert all low case letters into upper cases letters respectively.
b. Create a variable of INVALNUM to count the number of invalid values
   of each customer’s ID using ARRAY statement.


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